Climbing Cochise Stronghold
December 25, 2009

Cochise Stronghold is a popular climbing location in Southern Arizona. There are dozens of bolted climbing routes from very easy to difficult. Our normal climbing rock which is moderatly easy for the children was covered in snow. It is a North wall so the snow doesn't melt very fast in the winter time. So this trip we decided to look for a rock wall which was facing the sun. We found a likely spot not far away and we began setting up camp.

Looking back from the West side of Cochise Stronghold toward the Huachuca Mountains.

One of the more popular climbing spots in Cochise Stronghold is Isles of You. If you look close you can see a little blue speck just left of center on the big rock face. That blue speck is a young lady from Tucson. She was down with her father and friends.

Isles of You

A picture taken by Maranatha giving a little perspective to the desert landscape.

Another picture by Maranatha.

Setting up camp on a sunny south wall in Cochise Stronghold.

This trip, in addition to our family, we have my brother and his family climbing with us today.

Uncle Dano


Cousin Jordanne

Cousin Nathaniel

Cousin Krystal

We started climbing on a wall the children could climb without too much difficulty. The first few moves are the most difficult then it gets really easy towards the top.

The first climber in their shoes was Win. She beat the rest of the family to the wall to give it the 1st try. She didn't have any trouble and quickly made it up and then had a smooth ride down.

Next up was our daughter Hope. She climbs really smooth.

Noah didn't want to be left out of all the fun. So we tighten up the children's harness and Mom helped him give it a try. Mom was right there helping along.

After Noah, Jordanne was next up and she climbed it like a pro.

Krystal and Hannah making Dad nervous while Jordanne is climbing.

Next up: Nathaniel

Next up was Noah giving the tree a try.

I wonder how high I can climb on this branch.

That branch wasn't as strong as I thought it was.

Next up on the wall was Maranatha. She climbed the wall with no problem

Next up was Hannah. She and Zane had been up hiking and exploring the rocks all morning

And then Zane gave the wall his best. He made it up with no problem.

The hero of the wall today was our belaying lady Win. She kept all the little children safe and confident while they climbed

After Zane climbed Aunt Dawn and Uncle Dano left for home and the children decided to stay and play with their cousins.

We left the easy climbing wall and we found another more difficult climb on a warm south facing wall. Mom and Dad wanted to try a little more difficult ascent. I didn't feel comfortable lead climbing this new route so I top roped it and repelled down the face.

Setting up the blue belay rope through the anchor points on the top of the rock.

After I repelled down to the bottom I began my ascent up the face.

Next Win gave it a try.

Win gave the final effort of the day. After her climb we picked up all our gear and trash and made our way home. Another wonderful and safe day climbing and enjoying the beautiful Arizona outdoors. Sorry to all you folks burried in snow ;)