Climbing the Stronghold 1-17-10

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Noah trying to climb up the tree where his sister is taking pictures.

Noah taking a stroll through the woods.

Zane taking his own picture

Zane climbing the medium hard wall.

Zane took a couple of pictures of a Scrub Jay.

Hannah climbing the same wall

Hannah enjoying her success and the ride down.

Hope sitting in the tree looking up at her sister.

Hope climbing the left route


Hope in sepia.....

Hannah and Zane in the background walking the top of the ridge.

Maranatha sticking to the wall.

Maranatha trying to warm up her fingers. The rock is a little cold.

Maranatha giving the big wall another try.

Mischievous Win

Winnie .......

Where did Hope come from???

Winnie starting out on the medium wall.

Looking for a toe hold.

Winnie successfully accomplished the route.

Starting out on the big wall holding on to a narrow ledge.

Trying to make it around this corner.

Lead climbing the medium route.

Hoping my footing will hold until I get clipped in.

Cleaning the route.

Climbing the big wall again.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. See you again next time.

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