Climbing West Stronghold
January 1, 2010

We went back out to Cochise Stronghold this week. This time we joined the Max family. Steve and Gail Max introduced us to climbing in 2004. They have four children: Jake, Kelly, Kyle, and Conner. Daniel and Dawn (my brother) and his family came back out as well. We also made some new friends this week. Mike and Lori (hope I spelled that right, Lori) and their children: Lauren, Emily and Jack.

We started on the more difficult wall this week. Win and I wanted to climb the wall before our arms and fingers became tired from belaying the children. After climbing the big wall, we set up some routes for the children on the less difficult ascents. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

The Max Family
Left to Right: Jake, Steve, Conner, Gail, Kyle, Kelly.

Kyle reaching for that elusive hold.

He has just about made it past the hard part.

Victory at last!!!

Kyle the Samurai Master

Cool man Jake.... climbing the big wall.

Jake just about makes it to the top.

A little perspective on the climb.

Gail on her ascent of the big wall.

After a good climb a nice ride down.

Steve starting his ascent of the big wall.

He sure makes it look real easy.

Steve makes it all the way to the top bolts twice today.

Jake driving the Sand Rail

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