Climbing the West Stronghold
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Mike, Lori and Jack
New friends we made today.

Krystal, Lauren, Emily and Jack bouldering on their own.

Mike begins his ascent of the big wall.

Mike said he had not been climbing for a few years. Well, from our perspective
on the ground, for someone who hasn't climbed for awhile, he sure looked like he knew what he was doing.

Mike made two ascents on the wall today

Now for the nice ride down.

My brother, Daniel, makes his first attempt on the big wall. This was only his 3rd time climbing and he made a respectable climb on a hard wall.

Not so sure about this standing on a ledge - hanging by my fingertips - trying to
make it round this corner - thing????

And I volunteered for this, why?

Okay, I've got the hang of this now, literally!

Nice climb for only his 3rd time out.

Nathaniel climbing the big wall.

Here he is making some nice moves on granite wall

Nice climb on a hard route

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