Climbing the West Stronghold
Page 3

Right out of some climbing magazine.........

I can't help it, I am in love.

Noah just hanging around.

Some how I missed Zane's climb up the wall. One of the girls must have taken
these on the way down. He looks relaxed and calm on the way back down.
Later, he said he had a real nice climb.

Missed pictures of Hannah's climb as well.

Maranatha climbed most of all the children today.
Here she is on the easier wall.

You can feel muscles working in this picture.

Here she is giving the big wall a shot. She made it farther than she thought.

Hope is climbing the easier wall. She chose a difficult route up the wall.

Making some cool moves on the wall.

Hope makes it to the top.

I give the easy wall a try.

Climbing the harder wall.

That is a really nice climb