In November of 2009 we began
Our Greenhouse Experiment

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The past several weeks we have had both success and some failures. We had a second storm that blew in from the California coast. It tore the top quarter of the greenhouse plastic off. We learned a couple weeks before that we could patch the plastic using a rubberized plastic coating. This rubberized plastic coating I use to coat gas lines, which we bury underground. Several times over the last several years I had spilled cans of this product in my truck and it stuck to everything. It is almost impossible to separate from whatever it comes in contact with. Well, we tried it to patch a couple of small holes in the plastic and it did great. In fact it was stronger than the plastic. So when the wind tore off the top quarter of the plastic we decided to try and patch it instead of replacing it. We cut out the loose plastic. Then we cut about 20' of new plastic and with some fishing line and gas coating plastic compound we connected the two pieces of plastic. It held well in the next strong wind this past week so we are encouraged.

One of the mistakes I made was to stretch the plastic too tight in the first place. The cracks first started were the plastic was connected to the metal frame at the ends. This is were the most stress was focused. We also figured out (thanks to Manna) that we could glue the plastic to the PVC ribs using our rubberized plastic coating. In this way we can connect the plastic to the PVC ribs and prevent the entire 50' of plastic from moving in the wind. In the pictures below you can see where we patched the plastic using the (yellow) rubberized coating.

Another mistake I made was to not vent the gas heater I put in the greenhouse to keep it warm. The first few nights I did not vent it and the leaves of some of the plants turned a little brown. I then vented the heater to the outside with some 2" plastic pipe and the plants quickly recovered.

The venting is the black horizontal piping in the next picture.

Despite the setbacks everything is growing well.

Our first January sunflower.

Some small pictures of what we have growing in the Greenhouse.

Bachelor Buttons
Ruby Red
Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard
Tomato Seedlings
Russian Kale
Tomato & Pepper
Snap Dragons
Small Radish
Shasta Daisies
Parsley Seedlings
Onion Starts
Lettuce Mix
Leaf Lettuce
Jade Cucumbers

African Daisies

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